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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cajon

What are the different types of Cajons?

There are many types of cajons, but the most common ones are the flamenco cajon, the Peruvian cajon, and the snare cajon. The flamenco cajon has metal strings or wires inside that create a buzzing sound when hit. The Peruvian cajon does not have any strings or wires, and produces a more natural and woody sound. The snare cajon has a snare drum mechanism inside that can be adjusted or turned off to create different sounds.

How do you play a Cajon? 

To play a cajon, you need to sit on top of it and place the front plate between your legs. You can use your hands, fingers, palms, or even brushes or sticks to strike different parts of the cajon. The top corners of the cajon produce high-pitched sounds, while the center of the cajon produces low-pitched sounds. You can also use your feet to tilt the cajon or create additional sounds by tapping the sides or the back of the cajon.

How do you tune a Cajon? 

Tuning a cajon depends on the type of cajon you have. Some cajons have tuning screws or knobs that allow you to adjust the tension of the strings, wires, or snares inside the cajon. You can tighten or loosen them to change the pitch and tone of the cajon. Other cajons do not have any tuning mechanism, and the only way to change the sound is by changing the position or angle of the cajon, or by using different accessories such as cushions, pads, or rings.