Welcome to Bajaao's Used Gear Marketplace, your destination for buying and selling used bass guitar amplifiers! Explore our platform to discover a diverse range of pre-owned bass guitar amps and learn about their popular models and series.

Bass guitar amplifiers are crucial for shaping and projecting the low-end tones of a bass guitar. Within our marketplace, you'll find a variety of used bass guitar amplifier models, including:

  1. Ampeg SVT Series: Ampeg's SVT (Super Vacuum Tube) series is renowned for its powerful and iconic bass amplification. Models like the SVT-CL (Classic) and SVT-VR (Vintage Reissue) are beloved for their rich, tube-driven tones and substantial power, ideal for stage performances.

  2. Fender Rumble Series: Fender's Rumble series offers a versatile range of bass amplifiers suitable for various playing styles and venues. Models like the Fender Rumble 100, 200, or 500 provide lightweight yet powerful options with a variety of tone-shaping features.

  3. Gallien-Krueger MB Series: The Gallien-Krueger MB series focuses on lightweight, compact bass amps with a robust sound. Models like the MB500 or MB800 offer portability without compromising on tone, making them suitable for gigging musicians.

Buying a used bass guitar amplifier from our marketplace provides access to these renowned models at competitive prices, allowing bassists to find the perfect amplifier that suits their playing needs.

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