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iRig STOMP is based on the wildly popular AmpliTube iRig interface and is compatible with any iOS (dare we say decent sounding?) guitar / amp / instrument app. With its compact, standard stompbox shape, iRig STOMP is packed with many smart features found here for the first time in an iOS audio accessory. The new iRig Stomp interface is extremely familiar. What is it? Well, itÕs basically a stompbox interface for your iOS device that allows you to use your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with your existing pedalboard and rig. Or, you can use just the iRig Stomp. ItÕs constructed from durable military-grade aluminum for indestructible performance (unless you run over it with a tank), and has the same switch you find on todays most popular foot pedals. The iRig Stomp has a standard ÒstompboxÓ shape and size making it easy to incorporate into your existing pedalboard. It has a standard 1/4" guitar input, and a mono/stereo L&R out jack set for dual purposes for every playing situation. You can use the left/mono out to send the processed signal through more pedals and/or direct to your amplifier, or use the two L/R 1/4" jacks to send a stereo signal to a stereo channel on your mixer. A large gain knob on the top of the pedal allows you to adjust the input signal gain structure to provide you with the maximum amount of headroom needed for your apps. No more weak signals sent down the line, now you are in control. This knob is a great feature for pushing the preamps of high-gain amp models. Features: Compact, durable yet lightweight, aluminum-cast enclosure integrates easily into any traditional pedalboard. Can be used inline with other effects pedals, or directly connected to amplifiers or PA systems using regular 1/4" guitar cables, with no need for adapters. Allows precise adjustment of the signal for perfect guitar and bass levels with its large input gain knob. Active battery-powered output circuit improves headroom, especially when used with high-gain amplifiers in the AmpliTube app, reducing feedback and crosstalk when recording. The bypass switch allows engaging or bypassing the AmpliTube app chain of effects Ð like a traditional stompbox Ð for seamless integration into any existing rig. Ultra-compact form-factor can be easily carried on the road. Features a 3.5mm/1/8" jack for silent practicing with headphones. Comes with the #1 guitar/bass tone shaping app, award winning (itÕs true) AmpliTube FREE for iOS (Download it free from the App Store) Can be used with any other guitar processing app that uses the iOS mini-jack Has an ultra-small, compact profile that can be carried anywhere with ease. Compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad. In very good condition, can be shipped, no adaptor. Can be shipped anywhere at buyers cost.

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