Line6 Guitar Amplifier(clean,crunch,metal,insane) - Used

By Line 6 Guitar Amplifiers


Condition:  very good

Supports both semi acoustic and electric guitars. Clean tone, crunch, metal and heavy gain called insane 4 options are there. Six effects (chorus flange,phaser,tremolo, sweep echo, tape echo,and reverb) Inbuilt tuner. 4 eq( drive,bass,treble,mid) Delay can be set by tap button. Mobile and speaker can be connected via Aux cable. 2 volumes(channel volume and master volume) Record out is there to connect to laptop or pc via audio interface. *15 watts *1x8" custom-made speaker *Four amp models ranging from sparkling clean to high-gain metal *Six Smart FX (2 at once) based on celebrated stompbox and studio effects Create, save and recall 4 complete amp settings with the push of a button Bass, Mid and Treble knobs behave like the *EQ controls the modeled amplifier Drive knob, Channel volume, Master volume *High-quality output for direct-recording *Three-quarter closed-back speaker cabinet *Built-in tuner *Refined design and build *Fully compatible with FBV Express MkII and FBV2


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