JIMM Electric Guitar (Strat Style, HSS Pickups) - Used

By JIMM Electric Guitars


Condition:  fairly used

This guitar works quite well. Tone is quite decent. A decent choice for beginners. Has 22 frets, 3 pickups (HSS style), and a 5-way pickup selector switch. Ideal for rhythm guitarists and for a wide variety of music genres! The truss rod is locked out. Nut was replaced recently. Action of strings are a bit high to avoid strings hitting the frets. Some parts are rusted a little bit. A crack is seen near the neck joint. Overall, it's still working and is great for practice sessions. I'm also giving away a Fender gig bag, fender guitar cable (red, mono) and 4 barely used Jim Dunlop JAZZ III picks (small sized picks). New (Fender) strings will be installed after you place an order.

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