Selling my 3 Year old TAMA Stagestar Drum Kit, I have used this kit in more the 20 Events and 7 Recording Sessions, so It is fairly used, I am Selling this as from Now onwards, I am using my Roland td17kvx Electric Drum Kit and it's just taking space also need some money for my college fees :-D, The specifications of the bundle are listed below : Drum SHELLS : 100% Poplar 6ply Full Warm Tone with Medium Attack. ____________________________________________ Drum Kit CONFIGURATIONS : 1) 16” x 22” Bass Drum 2) 7” x 10” Tom Tom 3) 8” x 12” Tom Tom 4) 15” x 16” Floor Tom 5) 5.5” x 14” Snare Drum _____________________________________________ Drum HARDWARE INCLUDES : 1) Omnisphere Tom Holder 2) Single Base Drum Pedal 3) Snare Stand 4) 2 Cymbal Boom Stand with Convertible 5) Boom Tilter 6) Hi-hat Stand 7) Drum Throne ____________________________________________ Cymbals INCLUDES : 1)SABIAN SBR 20"/ 51 cm Ride Cymbal (Bright and Heavy Toned) 2) SABIAN SBR 16"/ 41 cm Crash Cymbal ( High and bright Attack) 3) PLUTO 14" Hi-Hats (High, Bright Crisp Attack) ______________________________________________ This Drum kit Has QUAILTY Drum Heads installed which are fairly used and have drum sticks marks on it, but it wont going to affect the tone of the kit so no need to worry. Drum Head Included are: 1)Snare Drum : EVANS 14" ST DRY (B14STD) Snare Batter Head 2 plies of 7.5mil film REMO 14" ENCORE Ambassador Clear side snare head (reso side) 2)Tom-Toms : Hi-Tom : REMO 10" ENCORE Ambassador Coated Head on the batter side stock Drum head on the reso side of the drum Mid-Tom : REMO 12" ENCORE Ambassador Coated Head on the batter side stock Drum head on the reso side of the drum Floor Tom : REMO 16" ENCORE Ambassador Coated Head on the batter side stock Drum head on the reso side of the drum 3)Bass Drum : REMO PowerStroke P4 Coated 22" (P41122C2) ______________________________________________ Additional Drum ACCESSORIES : 1)TAMA Iron Cobra Dual Side Beater 2)TAMA Stagestar Stock Drum Bass Beater 3)1 Pair of Zildjian Drum Sticks 5A 4)1 Pair of Xtag Drum Sticks 5B 5)1 Pair of Vicfirth Drum Sticks 2B 6)1 Evans G2 Clear 14" Drum Head for 7)Snare (if you like crisp heavy Attacks) 8)1 Drum Practice Pad 8" 9)1 Drum Key 10)Remo O-Rings 10", 12", 14", 14" Sized vicfirth Bass Drum Damper _____________________________________________ Now as I have mentioned that this drum kit is fairly used equipments have got some issues which I would like to mention : 1) Drum Throne's cushion is nice and comfy but there is some adjustment issues with the threads of the screw of the throne and are little rusted, so it ratles alot while sitting on it. 2) The Snare Drum has a minor crack on the of the drum which can be visible if you will remove the head. But, the crack is very minor so there is no compromise on the sound 3) The drum shells have some scratches which occurred when I was traveling with this kit alot during shows and Recording Sessions. 4) Bass Drum have fair amount of scratches on the pedal holder due to the Attack of the pedal on the Bass Drum 5) The Bass pedal Cam was loosed, but it has been fixed now. 6) Cymbals are 3 years old so they have lost its shine, but not the quality, they are one of the best beginner's friendly Cymbals which is provided with the set. 7) No drum Case covers are provided 8) Snare stand sometimes slips, but I have got that issue fixed from a local music shop dealer, just wanted to mention that it has sliped once before. 9) One of the Cymbal stand Boom arm has been losed, due to which sometimes the Cymbals falls, so that issues has also been solved by replacing new wing nuts on the arm, again just want to let you know that it has been happened before.

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