Guitar Bundle for Sale: Ibanez 121DX, Zoom G1X Four Processor, EVO 4 Audio Interface. - Used

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Condition:  very good

This comprehensive guitar bundle, perfect for beginners, enthusiasts, or anyone looking to reignite their passion for music. Purchased during the COVID lockdown, these instruments and accessories to keep company & entertainment. Now, due to shifting priorities and commitments, it's time to pass them on to someone who can fully appreciate their value. The bundle has an Ibanez 121DX electric guitar, finished in a sleek walnut flat, boasts two H IBZ 6 passive ceramic pickups in the neck and bridge positions. Despite being occasionally used, it remains in good condition, with only three minor scratches barely visible to the naked eye. Whether you're shredding solos or laying down rhythm tracks, this versatile guitar delivers impeccable tone and playability. Complementing the package is the Zoom G1X Four processor, a powerhouse of effects and amp models with both battery and AC adapter included, you can jam anywhere, anytime. You can capture your musical creations with professional-grade quality using the EVO 4 audio interface. Despite its occasional use, the EVO 4 remains in excellent condition, ready to elevate your recordings to the next level. As a bonus for genuine enthusiasts, this bundle includes essential accessories to enhance your playing experience: a guitar stand, bag for easy transport, fret wrap for clean string dampening, three Dunlop picks (0.60mm), and a capo to explore different chord voicings and keys. Don't miss this opportunity to own a complete guitar package at a fraction of the cost, ideal for beginners or anyone looking to dive back into their musical journey. Whether you're strumming chords, shredding solos, or recording your next masterpiece, this bundle has everything you need to make music magic happen.


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