Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen As New - Used

By Focusrite Audio Interfaces


Condition:  as new

if you particularly searched for this audio interface, then you know it's potential. I have successfully recorded tons of guitars, voice overs, dubbing and vocals using condenser microphone on this audio interface in both home and studio setup. Today also it delivers the best quality, but I want to sell it because I want to upgrade to an expensive audio interface this time. specifications- 1. usb to c type connectivity 2. easy to install driver 3. 1/4 inch input for music instruments 4. 1/4 and XLR input support for condenser microphone with 48v support and air feature for better sounding vocals 5. 1/4 inch output support for monitors at back and same in front for headphones. What is AIR feature? air feature basically adds a little separation in the recorded audio which helps in achieving better presence and bright sound. software support- as this is a used one for you and you won't be able to login on focusrite website for drivers and free softwares, I can only provide driver but not the daw as it will again need login credentials. By the way, a free software is a licensed version of cracked one. It's my personal experience. But if you still need it, then we need to discuss it in chat. If you are a musician who don't want to walk in the studio everytime you come up with a new riff this is your buddy who will always help you save time without compromising with the quality. Thankyou

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